What I've Been Up To... 


 Why, quilting, of course, lol! Here are some pics of some of my most recent projects. Some personal, and some I've made for others.  


September, 2015 

 I just made these two "chemo" quilts for two very sweet ladies at my church. Just my way of giving them a warm hug. :) 


August, 2015 

5802 tiny little pieces later...( yes all hand pieced)... I finally finished my quilt top. It is "Love and Friendship", from the book "Quilted Diamonds", by Linda Franz. I plan to hand quilt it as well. And just to prove I am a real glutton for punishment, I have already started another one like it made with diamonds from Volume two of that book. Lol. I must admit though these tiny little diamonds are very addictive!

Here are some close-ups of some of my favorite diamonds in this quilt. :)

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