These are some of my past quilts. I will take orders to make some of these patterns again. Just give me a shout at for more information.  


Click on any image below to see a larger picture. 

Applique Butterflies II

Raffled by the Jemison Blue Regiment Marching Band, Dec 5th, 2013 

Grandmother's Flower Garden 


Mardi Gras 

30's Remix in Turquois 


 Crazy Butterflies

 Crown Royal Stars


Blue/Stripe Baby Hearts 

Green Baby Hearts 

Sundrop Kitties 

Sundrop Puppies 


Salsa Lonestar 

Crown Royal 

Applique Butterflies 

30's Remix - Blue 


 Harley T-shirts

 NAWIC T-shirts

 Baby Memorial

 Barnyard Babies


Baby Butterflies 

Overall Bill 

Baby Lonestar 

Butterfly Quillow 

"Love Around the World" 

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