YES....This is my truck...

YES...This is a REAL quilt...

YES...I made it. But with help. Ever since I saw one on the internet a few years ago, I've wanted one. So I figured I'd just make one.

This quilt was made from orphan quilt blocks (quilt blocks that aren't part of any particuar project, for those of you who don't quilt).  I made a some of them but most of them were provided by my wonderful friends in the Quilt-N-Friends Yahoo group. They were so sweet and generous with their orphans even when I wouldn't tell them what I was doing with them. I wanted it to be a surprise. Well....SURPRISE! :)

The blocks came from literally all over the United States as well as France, The Netherlands, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand. And one was even made by my 12 year old son, Bobby. :) 


Here are a few pics of it "in progress".  

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