A tutorial on how to make a Pincushion Chatelaine / scissor holder that hangs around your neck and keeps your sewing tools together and handy. I had originally published this tutorial on another website, but I put it here so my regular viewers would be able to find it easier.

 I made a pincushion chatelaine because I like to hand sew when I travel or carpool or just sitting in my easy chair. I just hang it around my neck and it keeps all my sewing necessities together in one place so I'm not constantly looking for my scissors or my thread. Here's how you can make one, too. (My friend "Froggie" is looking on to make sure I'm doing it right, lol).

Materials Needed:

Flower and circle patterns (Click here for templates)
2 - scraps of fabric for flower petals
1 - scrap of batting for flower petals
1 - scraps of coordinating fabric for flower center (pin cushion)
Stuffing for flower center
1 - 2”xWOF (aprox. 45”) strip of coordinating fabric for strap (You can also use a long piece of double-fold binding for this if you like or if you're feeling especially crafty, you can use a dressmaker's tape, cut to the length you want)
2 - buttons (at least 1/2” diameter each)
1 - piece of 1/4” tubing, 2 1/4” long
6” piece of small cord elastic





Fold 2” strip lengthwise, right sides together and iron. Open and fold each edge in toward the center and iron again. Refold center together and sew the two folded edges together using about a 1/8” seam. Repeat seam on the other edge for a finished look. Set aside.




Trace the flower pattern onto the wrong side of one of the scraps of fabric for the petals. (Note* The flower template is the same size as a CD)


Layer the petal section for sewing. Place both pieces of fabric, right sides together, with the traced piece facing up. Put the batting scrap on the bottom.

 Place the strap piece between the two pieces of fabric with one end sticking out under one of the petals about ½”.


 Sew directly on the lines all the way around, making sure that you’re not sewing over the strap except where the end is sticking out. Just move the strap piece around out of your way as you go. Stop sewing at the last couple of petals.


Use this opening to tuck the strap completely inside, then continue sewing until you've sewn all the way around. For strength, backstitch a time or two over the piece of strap that is sticking out.


Trim the edges a scant 1/4” all around the outside edge of the stitching and clip the inside corners between each petal, making sure not to cut the stitching.


 In the TOP LAYER ONLY, make a small slit in the very center about a half inch. Use this slit to pull out the strap and turn the petal piece right-side-out.

 Smooth down edges and topstitch all around about 1/8” from edges to finish petals. Set aside.


Flower Center/Pincushion
Cut circle from coordinating fabric for the center of the flower. (You can use the template or just trace a CD. It's the same size.) Turn the edges under and hand stitch around the edges using very large stitches. When you have gone all the way around, draw the ends of the thread together until the opening is about ¾” wide. Tie off the threads and stuff the circle making a ball. Stuff it fairly firm, but not hard.

 Hand stitch the ball over the slit that was used to turn the petal piece. I usually go around it a couple of times for strength.


Fold the free end of the strap about 3” and attach snaps. If you prefer, you can use a button and button hole instead of a snap. I just happened to have some snaps left over from another project.



Measure about 4” up the strap from the petal where it is attached. Sew one of the buttons there securely.


Fold the piece of elastic in half and push the folded end through the tubing until it comes out the other end. Put the loose ends through the holes of the other button. Tie the ends together so that the looped end sticks out the top end about 1/4”. Put the holder through the center hole of a spool of thread and stretch the loop end over the button on the strap.


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